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Mr Ashish Thakur – CEO, Birla Healthcare Ayurveda

Mr Ashish Thakur, CEO of Birla Healthcare Ayurveda, believes in and promotes the wonders of Ayurveda. After Covid-19, the market for Ayurveda changed drastically and compelled people to go back to our traditional healing methods. He says, as we all know, Covid-19 had a significant impact on the world and totally altered our way of life, eventually obliging us to remain inside. In order to improve our immunity and find ways to lead a healthy and secure lifestyle, this forced us to think back to our ancient science in the form of home remedies and natural food supplements. This brought us to our kitchens and forced us to follow our 5000-year-old history of Ayurveda.

The primary focus of Ayurveda’s daily and seasonal routines or regimens, which serve as a preventive technique, is on helping us preserve our health.

Over the past two years, Ayurveda has become substantially more significant. Natural herbs such as Guduchi, Kalmegh, Shunti, Tulsi, Yashtimadhu, turmeric, and Ashwagandha act as a strong immune modulators to build deeper long-lasting immune power in the body and subsequently protect us from any viral infections, relief from frequent cough, cold, and allergies, and will undoubtedly help us in these difficult times.

Mr Ashish Thakur says that his prime focus on the future of Birla Ayurveda

is to promote the franchise business. Ayurveda franchise business has gained popularity, and it would be sensible to move in that direction. The aim is to spread the Birla Ayurveda Franchise pan India. We have centres established across Mumbai, which has an appreciable response. Our centres are known for their quality services and professional staff. We provide franchises at a low cost and hold you by your hand to guide you through every step of setting up your business. We do not want to create just a business partner but expand and form a family of Birla Healthcare Ayurveda pan India. 

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